понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

Withdrawn corporate video: return to 200%

Corporate video market is growing rapidly, and every year the business becomes more profitable. Round date in the life companies, entrepreneurs anniversaries, conferences and seminars, Christmas celebrations and the opening of new stores ... Some want to perpetuate these events in the picture and sound, while others are ready to provide appropriate services. Market film production in order businesses are clearly divided into segments - a representative (video presentation), educational and reportage. According to experts, most sought-out genre - a representative film. Partly because the typical structure of these films is well known as producers and customers: screensaver, introductory remarks by the head, Commenting on the company applied to the corresponding video, and - pathos limb that promises further progress. As the film excerpts and sense of responsible speeches interspersed brief splash - "break-bumpers and logo, which animates the corporate video.
The most popular genre - film presentation about the company in general or about the new service. And because corporate video - satisfaction is not cheap, bought their medium and large companies that operate mainly in b2b or have partnerships and networks seeking to develop them.
Educational films - option for obvious reasons much less lucrative as reportage and documentary - a format which today often resort big commodity and production company.
How does corporate video:
work on the script - together with the customer;
2.3 days of shooting one or two professional digital cameras with additional equipment;
to 8 professional digital tape (on 60 minutes)
editing, color correction, overlay filters, multilayer assembly (kompozytynha), 2D-and 3D-graphics;
Start Screensaver - 15-30 seconds;
"Perebyvka - 6-10 seconds;
music, noise sound effects;
Voiceover narration;
timing - more than 10 minutes;
coding and recording of DVD-Video discs with multilevel or animated menus.
The lion's share of initial investments in creating corporate video studios will go to equipment, especially for shooting (professional video camera, tripod, sound and lighting equipment) and installation kit (at least - professional digital video recorder and a computer with appropriate software).
The minimum price of only one camera is now $ 500 3 000-4. Basic equipment for non-linear editing is a little cheaper - about three thousand dollars. And, of course, need a powerful computer, because for video required a large amount of RAM and high speed data processing. Add here and licensed software, which will result in 2 700-3 $ 900. As a result, a minimum set of technical equipment is estimated at 9 000 U.S. 000-12.
Investment quite feasible - so much today is massive foreign car. Moreover, at first to buy professional equipment is not necessary - you can rent.
Companies engaged in renting "BETACAM and digital cameras, more than enough, and prices very reasonable: ask for a change of 100-150 dollars.