понедельник, 14 февраля 2011 г.

Open shop for pregnant women

Today, more women want to bear children and pregnancy feel wonderful state of mind and body. Now, the future mothers trying to maintain normal life during pregnancy and all nine months look better than usual. Therefore, the market begins to develop products for pregnant women. When you open a store for pregnant women are advised to be in the range of not only clothes, but the entire range of related products. Revenue will be stable only if a woman can buy all the goods in one place. Now, the market is not much larger companies with trade in goods for pregnant women. Much more private entrepreneurs, who are mainly regions. Most shops are concentrated in large cities.
The business, at the present time, actively developing. But do not fear competition. You must follow the market for fashionable trends.
Market goods for pregnant divided by price criteria:
- Budget products (for people with average income);
- Premium segment (for wealthy mothers).
Relatively related products must give the buyer the right choice: a cheap or more expensive.
Another couple of years ago was the lack of classic clothes, all the models look like hoodie. Today, the situation changed because the class is women with high income and who are in need of clothing, which is not ashamed to go to a business dinner, the restaurant etc. And many middle-income women now prefer to buy one, but quality and good thing.
Many brand name clothing and shyyetsya developed in the country, of which the whole business. Designers are trying to copy the model of the latest couture collections of fashion and adoptirovat their specificity for their industry. At the same materials from which clothing is made - the best quality. However, the client should give the choice between domestic and import manufacturers.
Today, the bulk of women's birth at the age of 25 to 35. Naturally, the goods and it will pick up in accordance with his age and build character and that during pregnancy many women become very specific.
From here there is need for qualified assistants. They should be able to tell customers what is sometimes silent prenatal specialists. The seller must offer the right product and have all the information about it. Very important endurance and ability to find common language with pregnant women. Best suited for this position, women who do not know firsthand what childbirth and pregnancy. Preferably, the sellers were also higher education, so that people quickly grasp the information and submit it hramotnishe. The consultant should be able to determine at a glance that you can offer kliyenttsi. It should be a little psychologist.
Opening any store, you must immediately decide on its location. If you plan to sell products to middle and lower middle class, the vending better place in the mall, where a large flow of people. Preferably, the clinic was in proximity, transportation, maternity hospital. When you open a store-based customers with an income above average, vending better placed in the center. It is easily accessible from all parts of the city, because most customers have cars.
Open shop is best in August or March, is it season for this line of business. At this time most pregnant women is their wardrobe.
Besides clothing, the Shop-a must to include related products.
Once you decide on range and location of the point of sale, you need to do furnishings shop. You must be present shelves, prymiryuvalni with large mirrors. Should be aware of the equipment resting place for future dads. As recently women are more often attend these shops with their husbands. For such a "corner" needs comfortable chairs and table.
It is believed that in this business do not have regular customers. However, it is wrong. The faithful client of his store, return it, vynoshuyuchy second and third child and bring her friends.
Remember that the amount a woman is willing to spend to purchase goods for pregnant women in the city and in the periphery are substantially different.
Women begin to acquire such products around the third month of pregnancy, ie your customers, they may be only half a year. However, despite the specific business, thanks to trends observed the birth rate, demand for goods for pregnant women to grow, and the market should grow by about 20%.