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In Kiev, a new service - the people for hire.

In Kiev, a new service - the people for hire. In a symbolic fee of one hundred USD per hour you can rent a husband or wife, fiancé or girlfriend to go to the store or restaurant. Agency of the sample are several kinds. Some provide individuals to perform routine domestic work. Cleaning, ironing, repair ... "The emergence of this business need explained by people who need minor work, minor repair. Applications out there - fix a faucet or something repaired. Run actor in the house - nail score - and anything. What large firms do not want to take on such work . While I would not say that it is unpaid or underpaid services. Such as, set the washing machine or replace the toilet. Moreover, it became necessary - a colossal load of people - the need for such fine service as paddock dog or take the child away from school. And anything that will be paid for services. We want to capture everything that is connected with the life of man in the house, inside his home - rasskazyvaetYuriy Onoprienko, director of the provision of economic activities.
Services for Singles
Company class higher than normal work, practice and even role-transformation. Actors will play in front of friends or family, lover boy, jealous husband or an old friend. They can accompany the client to a restaurant or disco, go shopping or publicly confess his love. Even the CEO is not afraid to do the daily work of the firm. "The idea to create such a company came after I read the announcement on the Internet, such services are outside of our country.
And I decided to use this experience to us. It looks bad "- says Kirill Onishchenko, director of the" rental "of people. -" Our company provides various services. We can provide a father, a loving guy to have. The cost depends on the complexity of the task - from a hundred to a thousand Hr. We employ people with great experience who also have experience in theater. Before you begin, they undergo special training to work with people and develop communication skills "
Requirements for workers - pleasant appearance, sociability, wit and knowledge in different fields of knowledge. But most importantly - artistic talent. "We - are professional actors. Over one hundred USD per hour we can play any role - your wife's class-mate, friend, go with you in the restaurant, shopping. Get to know your parents, bring comfort to your parents and your friends" - says Natalia Borteychuk employee of the firm "lease" of people.
How much what?
For dog walkers agency will take one hour 60 UAH, the execution of homework - 150 USD, for minor repairs - 200 USD. Go to the restaurant for the money the customer - 100 USD, or make a gift of love to confess - 400 USD. Play scene of family quarrels or start a company - a thousand.

60 USD

100 USD
Cooking dinner

150 UAH
Cleaning of apartment

150 UAH

200 UAH

200 UAH
Make a gift

400 UAH
Declaration of love

400 UAH
Play a complex role

1000 USD
Over 5 thousand open firm
The first thing to do - make a private enterprise with public services. Monthly tax for such business is 200 USD per month. Plus for each employee is of 100 USD if you register them officially. But most such agencies simply act as mediators, and royalties on staff are not paid. Minimum staff - 5 diverse workforce. On the day of each of them can perform at least three tasks. That is to earn an average of 300 USD. With the money your - 25% or 75 USD. This is the maximum rate in the city. That is a minimum income of the company without deduction of taxes -11 250 USD per month.
Next step - find a room where customers could come and masters were free. The average cost of renting an office in Kiev - $ 21 per square meter. For example, premises, area of 18 squares, will cost 378 dollars. But in the first stages can coordinate the process and be at home by telephone.
But on average, to purchase the most necessary equipment you will spend no more than 5 thousand, depending on services. Better to find workers with their instruments (if repairs or chores). If the agency will deal with only guidance, then you can do without.
All the law Get spouse hire in Ukraine - legally. And is not contrary to human rights. The only hitch - the moral side of such a service. "This kind of services like cleaning, as a nanny, cook a meal. So to say that it is forbidden activity - can not. He is not licensed, so in most cases, if not sex - services - lady-escort and other it is a legitimate activity. And nothing in it is not. There is simply question that such offers as they can beat people. Well here illegally? "- explains lawyer Victor Chevhuz. - "The customer who wants it, he comes to the Internet, and what it needs, it is, offers, and pays money for it. But the moral side - but it is not governed by law and the ethical, moral .
Firms with a "lease" people are often inappropriate orders. The very name of the company is people the wrong associations.
"There were times when we demanded the execution of not only the actor's work. We explain that we do not provide such services. Sex - we are different agencies that we deal only guidance, and no more. In that role, which bought our clients "- says Kirill Onishchenko. Law enforcement officials control the activity data firms. Under the guise of police checking customers who actually provide these services agency. By order of the most intimate employees threatened administrative responsibility, and the owner of the business - criminal.