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How to make a parachuting

In parachuting can earn, but so far no one. Along with other extreme sports skaydayvinhom, primarily attracted to lawyers, managers and middle level managers, IT-specialists, those who work on exposed nervous and physical overstrain. "Well, what can I say about a man who spent several thousand dollars to jump from the normal plane upside down with a bag of rags on his back?" - Just kidding psychiatrist in rayviyskkomati, inspecting rank looking for help, permission to skydiving. And the envy of local viyskkomovi stamp with a smile "healthy". Strange, but among all team amateur parachutists do not have any suitable drill into service, and therefore who served in the army. Skaydayvynh (skydiving, Eng., Pilot. - "Diving in the sky") is gradually becoming a popular pastime of the Ukrainian middle class. Under this joint for almost all disciplines parachute name hides a dozen different ways to hover above the ground. Along with other extreme sports skaydayvinhom, primarily attracted to lawyers, managers and middle level managers, IT-specialists, those who work on exposed nervous and physical overstrain.
Over the break from frenzied pace of life and give emotional roller coaster they are willing to pay from 80 to 160 USD for one jump. According to Dmitry Karpekov, president of Para-SKUF and vice-president of Federation of parachuting Ukraine (FPSU), almost all skaydayvery - people with income above average. They are willing to pay more for that service and infrastructure. That, in Ukraine is still very lacking.
According FPSU in our country there are about 30 aviasportklubiv (ACS) who are authorized to organize skydiving. It looks like not too little to meet the increased demand. Meanwhile, modern dropzon (DMZ, from the English. Dropzone - Emission Zone) and one-two edge. Most aeroclub work on ancient tradition, yet keeping DTSAAFivski approaches to treatment and skaydayveriv. In fact, the business of dealing parachutist or fans of the business for which profits - not important, or successor organizations owned flying club sports structures to collapse of the USSR. But, as the experience of neighboring Russia, not to mention the U.S. and Europe, soon to change fans will come professionals. Those who now invests in modern flying club organization, provides a stable income in the future.
Here you are not there
In Soviet times, parachute jumping two categories of people: the military and athletes. After the collapse of the Soviet Union gradually stopped funding of sports clubs that formed the reserve GVA. Society for Defense of Ukraine (TSOU), heir DOSAAF, nothing could help the ACS, which were unprofitable. More or less stable work dropzon resumed only in 2000 when skaydayvinhom interested in the Ukrainian middle class. Possessed public taste for extreme.
However, the quality of services offered by the clubs, does not meet the growing demands of paratroopers. In the clubs that used to belong to DOSAAF, jumps were performed in round parachutes still unmanageable Soviet manufacture, Soviet program is training. Modern technology and training programs are not used. Worn parachutes, which often have developed their resources, certainly added excitement, but security is not guaranteed. Therefore, initially in neighboring Russia, and later in Ukraine began to appear DMZ, offering modern and safe training program skydiving.
In Ukraine, such MR far only three: two in Kyiv and one in Dnepropetrovsk. But they are not always able to meet growing demand. For example, RS "Borodyanka (Association of para-SKUF", Kiev) come not only Kiev paratroopers, but skaydayvery from Lviv, Luhansk, Odessa ... Last year at this DZ was done, according to Dmitry Karpekova, over 14 000 jumps. While most former DTSAAFivskyh clubs rate 2-3 thousand per season (usually from April to October, while weather permits). For comparison: in each of the leading Russian RS (Step and Kolomna) by jumping to 80 thousand a year - about equal to the annual number of jumps in all Club and Ukraine.
Return successful Ukrainian dropzon - 10%. It is achieved through the use of new equipment for diving and advanced training programs. That is what attracts customers who pay not only for jumping and rental equipment, but also for additional services.
Increase profitability of this business can increase throughput and DZ offering a range of additional services. For example, in Europe and the U.S. have MR least three planes, which provide virtually continuous jumping all comers. In addition, there are two or three tandem instructors, stacker, coaches from different disciplines and parachute videographer. At the airport must present an insurance agent. Spring, not filling out insurance third party liability in Europe and America can not.
Additional services: classroom, mini-hotel, parking with security, bar or cafe, shop parachuting equipment. Cle are leading, for example, Spanish Empuriyabrava, American Delend and Arizona, almost a year without holidays. Despite significant operational costs to support equipment and facilities in good repair, remain quite profitable dropzony now. According to Dmytro Karpekova mentioned U.S. DMZ, where there are nearly 300 thousand jumps a year, working with profitability of 60%.
To create a DMZ European level, to invest $ 200 to $ 600 thousand, said Alexei Sharadkin, director SkyWideSystems (SWS, manufacture and maintenance of parachute equipment). And this is only if RS is created based on existing flying club (as, for example, the Association of para-SKUF - see details. Interview with Dmitry Karpekovym p. 66). Then the basic costs allocated to lease or purchase aircraft parachute technology acquisition, organization infrastructure. If the investor intends to start from scratch, the amount is increased two to three times - have to build a runway, administrative buildings, communications, etc. strike
In addition, the grant will pay for various permits and approvals: permission to organize from parachute jumps and registration of aircraft in the State Aviation Administration to obtain licenses and approvals of time and altitude.
Trade - the engine of progress
Creating full dropzony with all infrastructure - is only one way to earn money to capture people parachuting. It's easier to organize a business selling various skaydayveram parachute equipment and accessories. Opening the shop will be much cheaper for the construction of the aerodrome. Instead, the full cost of a professional parachutist equipment may reach $ 10 thousand minimum set of equipment for the jump consists of a parachute system (satchel, main and reserve parachutes) of safety device, a sound signaling height (jargon paratroopers - "tweeter), a visual altimeter, helmet and special clothing. High prices due to the complexity of equipment as well as the fact that most of the imported equipment.
Independently buy equipment abroad skaydayveram disadvantage. Overhead in the delivery of goods in Ukraine (including fee payment) tighten the purchase of 10-15%.
Therefore, most prefer to order domestic paratroopers parachute system through official dealers such as Internet shopping paramag. There are companies that represent products immediately some foreign brands, for example, SkyWideSystems. There is a trading company that is not tied to the brand, and to the flying club. Limited circle of customers paratroopers who perform jumps on RS this club.
Shop on sale of equipment for diving is like a table orders. In the best case - a small room in the administrative building flying club with the most popular goods samples and catalogs. Goods bought from the manufacturer only after receiving a 100% prepayment. Thus, own funds to purchase goods dealers do not invest.
Moreover, many producers are willing to supply goods subject to 80% down payment, which leaves the possibility for maneuver. Shop to get a discount on goods (from 20% to 30%), so ordered equipment sometimes sold cheaper than the manufacturer offers retail buyers. But, as explained by Michael Alekseenko, director of CGL Senter Blade, to be eligible for a discount store had to collect a few orders to send the general application manufacturer. As a result, the client product must wait at least 2-3 weeks (sometimes months).
Get an official dealer western brand parachute company, for example, Performance Designs, is also not easy. Alex Sharadkin says that establish contacts with western producers helped him a personal acquaintance. A few months Alex lived in the U.S. and jumped at the American DMZ, while establishing the contacts with manufacturers of parachute equipment.
The fact that the seller parachute equipment itself should be known and experienced skaydayverom, behind which at least 1000 jumps. It sells indirectly responsible for the security of client: for example, there are several companies making products that Alexei strongly recommends not to buy. "To sell very fast parachute very famous and respected company Western skaydayverovi inexperienced - that means send it to the hospital bed or the morgue - convinced Mr. Sharadkin - just the seller has the choice to assess the adequacy of his experience parachutist. Trade parachute equipment profitability of an average of 25%.
Mad Handles
To increase revenue, but sales of various necessary and useful for the parachutist simply things that most dealers earn more and related services. For example, the company provides its clients SkyWideSystems 15 additional services, including teaching rig, wash bag, set the reinsurance unit, and more. By the way, make and install a spare parachute reinsurance unit are entitled to only specially trained and certified manufacturer of parachute engineering people - ryhhery. In addition to laying and pereukladannya emergency parachute (every three to four months, according to security requirements should be pereukladenyy CP), they can also repair the equipment and after agreement with the manufacturer to make some improvements to the system design.
Ryhhera Prices range from $ 5 to $ 200 depending on the complexity of the work, and if not too little. However, Alexei Sharadkin says ryhherskyh services received from money barely enough to pay the rent of the premises and to meet ongoing expenses. "The number of regularly jump at Kiev skaydayveriv RS, hardly exceeds one thousand people. To ryhherska workshop gave stable and significant revenue to at least three times, and then only on condition that she not be competitive," - said the expert. Then bet on only a parachute shop you can not. Stable revenue it would bring. Repair outfit makes sense to offer only in combination with other services.
However, SWS has not only sell and service equipment parachute. The company's plans - development and manufacture bags for Skydive and BASE (jumping from fixed objects). According to an entrepreneur, he began to design bags for yourself, do not worry too commercial gain. Initial investments in manufacturing bags small - $ 5-7 thousand for the purchase of equipment and approximately $ 2 thousand in the materials. Fixed assets have to invest at the following stages:
· Testing equipment manufactured in compliance with standards;
· At trial operation (every bags to the mass production must be made not less than 300 jumps);
· The European certification ETSO.
Total project budget could be $ 20-30 thousand bags The price can not exceed $ 1,5 thousand, or may experience difficulties with sales.
In SkyWideSystems, engaged in manufacturing bags Poltava company Spark, Odessa and Feodosia Skyporter Ltd. parashutobuduvannya advanced technology. " Odesites specializing in the production of so-called. "Budget" technique. Feodossyiskoe enterprise is largely due to state orders, producing bags and parachutes for the Ukrainian army and Interior Ministry special forces, Security, Emergencies.
Among Ukrainian craftsmen and artisans, who specialize in the production of accessories, helmets and overalls first. However, according to Michael Alekseenko, such production is not especially valuable: "Most artists do order from case to case, a stable number of orders they could not have, and those producing the same helmet for only undermining them, that is not the primary income" .
Most manufacturers, in fact, trying to maximize the range of products offered. For example, the Russian company "ParaAvys, but production vehicles for Skydive, develops and sells gliders, hang gliders, etc. similar strategy to the Ukrainian company" Aeros - with parachute equipment it produces only domes for Ground-Launch (flying along the mountain slope), but thus producing gliders, gliders and paragliders. According to Alexei Sharadkina, narrow specialization, such as parachutes or exclusively manufacture bags, sharply limits the competitiveness of companies - demand for a relatively small volume of orders and not allow the company to operate successfully. However, with this rule there are exceptions. Company Skylark from the beginning was focused on the production of main dome for Skydive not prevented her from successfully grow and to compete with Western manufacturers.
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How do I earn
1. Manufacturing parachute equipment - the main dome, bags, clothing and accessories.
2. Selling parachute equipment of foreign producers.
3. Serving paratehniky - repair, completion etc.
4. Organization of the jumps.
5. Coaching - parachute training athletes of different disciplines.
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Surreal fun
President of the Association
"Para-SKUF Dmitry Karpekov on how to make job aerohobi
How much money does it take you to organize the Association of para-SKUF?
- The Association was incorporated in 2000. While the initial investment was relatively small - about $ 50 thousand The money spent on permits and approvals, lease helicopter purchase multiple parachute systems. In Borodyanka since Soviet times there was Aeroclub, and we used its physical infrastructure. Military helicopter rented for a modest fee. Airfield itself was rented on favorable terms, as president-owner (corporation AU) was also interested in creating a well-equipped MR.
When not return the money invested?
- And who said that they returned? (Smile) But seriously, it is extremely difficult to calculate and say: here are our attachments, and they turned such and such a number of such and such a year. We continually reinvest funds received - rental and service of aircraft, the purchase of new parachute systems infrastructure. But each invested one thousand two or three years gives several thousand, which, in turn, directed the development of the Association. Here we intend to buy your own plane, and therefore - need new investment.
Are you saying that this business unprofitable?
- Why is unprofitable? If RS-organized - that means someone is needed. In the first years we only invested in the development of the Association, but out of scope (number of hops) can earn. Let not millions, in America, but still.
What personally gave you this business?
- First of all I got and get enormous moral satisfaction. STEAM-SKUF - our child. To see how it develops, goes to a new level - it gives a strong positive emotional charge. In addition, organizing dropzonu, I did not think about profit. I wanted to show domestic paratroopers, who skaydayveriv conditions can be created, if put end. However, one of the founding purposes of the Association - to create conditions for training and professional growth of our team of four group acrobatics. From this perspective, the investments have returned - the team has over 6 years, took the prize at the Ukrainian and international competitions, athletes (including me) are able to exercise regularly and improve their jumping skills.