четверг, 17 февраля 2011 г.

How to do business for t-shirts with start-up capital of 200 USD

Normal T-shirt change the destination. Now it - the original outfit. So it makes designers - exclusive, and most profitable - for their wallets. "I think that in time t can easily outbid any other nice clothes. The fact that we do very good shirts. If someone does not just interesting picture, with the stripes it looks orihynalney" - says Elena Stetsenko, designer shirts. The designers say, to business became profitable - funny pictures and inscriptions not obmezhyshsya. You must recreate with new and imaginative ideas. For example, applications in conjunction with the main picture or ethnic motives interlaced with the modern style and so on.
Exclusive pictures can be created manually or viddrukovuvaty original compositions for special machines. But handmade - is more valuable. If you want to start their own business - you should first learn how to paint. Then find only 200 USD. Buy acrylic paint for painting on fabric and solid color t-shirt. Then - to invest in the development of the website, online mini-store - and it is 500-1000 dollars. Place of work. If there is no advertising funds - actively write about their work at the Forum monger and social networks. Then you will work on the user experience. If shirts are interesting.
"In many social networks of young people. Many come, watch and immediately vidpysuyut or bought" - says Elena experience.
Prices of luxury goods completely democratic. Cost-shirts - from forty to sixty Hr. Plus the cost of ink - sixty-eighty grivna. Also take into account the wizard. If the order - from five copies, the final product price starts from 100 USD. It depends on image size and its complexity. Not the least is the role and quality shirts. Generally, designers use Turkish Ukrainian jersey. They say the best - you can not go.
"T-shirts to buy Turkish knitwear. This at a price cheaper and quality is excellent" - explains Stetsenko.
Therefore, the quality and originality are their own. Demand for such products is growing. Especially in the warm season. In addition, trends here have no effect. Index - exclusive.