пятница, 11 февраля 2011 г.

How 'spam' to the benefit of business

Selection of sites targeting, high CTR ... The desire to show the steepness and build its own ad campaign online 'how to books' can crash at a resolution CEO:' Find a cheaper version! " Be easier. Turn off the brains and use the mass mailing. Is spam unethical? So you just do not need sales. In a crisis into a marketing caste "shooting Battalion" and the first took the blow of recession. Skukozhilis marketing budget almost to zero, but sales support no one abolished. Strategic marketing and long-term planning? Forget it. Former rules no longer apply. Open your corporate or private mailbox on any mail-hosting, and you should see there a few emails from unknown addresses. They may offer to buy bahatokovshovyy rotary excavator for mining open cast, visit the "Strawberry" or purchase prohibited drugs. This is spam or bulk mail advertisements to the recipients are never asked to receive them. Implement your paid more nimble and less pedantic colleagues or competitors.