пятница, 11 февраля 2011 г.

Fresh juices: earn on a desire to quench thirst

At the request of Ukrainian juice quench your thirst, you can earn at least 5 thousand per month. Even 5-7 years ago, according to Olga Nasonov, CEO 'restaurant consulting', over 90% of visitors restaurants ordered packaged juice. At the request of Ukrainian juice quench your thirst, you can earn at least 5 thousand per month. Even 5-7 years ago, according to Olga Nasonov, CEO 'restaurant consulting', over 90% of visitors restaurants ordered packaged juice. Now every second client catering prefer squeezed juice. Thrust into Ukrainian healthy beverage has an incentive to open fresh juice bars and installing machines for sale of such juices. Freshevoho business profitability, according to Vladimir Serhiyenko, director of 'Zumex Ukraine' (exclusive distributor of professional equipment to produce fresh juice brand ZumeX, Spain), is 300%. Drink from a vending machine 'interest in vehicles with cooking and selling freshly squeezed orange juice is high - affects consumer passion for a healthy life, - says Elena Juska, business director Oranfresh Ukraine (exclusive partner Oranfresh A.A.T., Italy). - The sale of high cost deters vehicles (promotional price on a new machine is EUR8 thousand) and juice (200 ml of juice costs 14-15 USD). For comparison: the price of coffee machines twice below '. However, fresh out of the machine is cheaper than in Kiev restaurant serving freshly squeezed orange juice (250 ml) costs 30 USD. Fresh-machine pays off for 1 year, mini-bar selling freshly squeezed juices - in a couple of months, however, none of the vendors of fresh-unit does not rent them for rent. 'We do not lease the fresh-machines, because we want to engage in business freshevyy responsible people able to calculate the forces, - says Mr. Sergienko. - Fresh-automatic expensive. Moreover, consumption of fresh culture in our country at such a high level to put them in student dormitories and subways'. Therefore, those wishing to engage in this business have to buy equipment. 'The average fresh-machine pays for 1 year, - says Elena Yushkova. - From 1 kg of oranges out two glass of juice. If the unit is installed in a crowded area and is open daily (eg sports club, mall, airport or train station), the daily sale of 30 to 50 glasses of fresh juice. The cost of a cup is, depending on the prices of oranges, averaging 06.04 USD. In the month brings the machine to its owner 5-8 thousand USD of net profit '. Net bar to open fresh juice bar will need $ 12-15 thousand a significant portion of the amount to spend to purchase equipment: juicer for citrus and pomegranates, universal juicer, equipment for cleaning fruits and vegetables. Lari also need refrigeration, bar. Share vending can be 4-6 square. of 'no one is opening a sales outlet, and create a network of juice bars. In this approach, the investment recovery period will be about three years' - said Sergey Myslytskyy, director of network juice bars (TM Fresh Factory). Suppliers of equipment for manufacturing and selling freshly squeezed juices offer fresh mini-bar format, for which required only 4.2 square meters. m square. In particular, estimated managers 'Zumex Ukraine', this point will pay off almost 2 months (to separate the main costs of 70 thousand on a daily profit of 1220 USD, we get 57 days). Assortment of fresh juice bars should expand by hot drinks and snacks. 'When juice bar on the street. Saksagans'kogo we also sell tea, coffee and sandwiches, - told Mr. Myslytskyy. - However, from the sale of confectionery refused - believe that they can not be attributed to healthy food '. An important advantage freshevoho business - a small competition. In Kiev, in this market is no more than five companies. Moreover, unlike other beverages, the demand for fresh little inclined to seasonality. 'When the summer Fresh juice drink to quench their thirst, the winter - receive a portion of vitamins. Therefore, during the cold season sales decreased by about 20%, but do not drop at all. Thus, the business revenue year round, "- said Mrs. Yushkova. It would be a place of fundamental value for point of sale freshly squeezed juice has a choice of places: income owner machine depends on the number of potential buyers. In a desert place machine payback period can stretch up to 5 years, and beneficial - shrink to six months. Prize places - airports, shopping malls, train stations, universities, offices, shops, ie crowded places. However, if the vending machines bottled drinks can be installed even in student dormitories, the fresh-machines - where residents are provided with citizens. 'For example, one of our partners installed the machine in the office center - after 18.00 on weekends and holidays machine is idle (and as practice shows, this time in the highest demand for fresh), - says Vladimir Sergienko. - Other partners placed the machines in the airport Borispol, mall Plazma, hypermarket Metro, entertainment center BLOCKBASTER. These points of sale of orange juice daily work, and some - day and night (average sale is from 65 to 120 cups). Also worthy of mention sports clubs and swimming pools - we do not expect that these places will be in nadpopulyarnymy drink lovers on the go quality (and pitted cake) and fresh cool '. Choosing a place for fresh juice bar, you can 'parasite' on unhealthy foods. According freshevikov if you put a bar on the food court next door with fast food, the increase in sales can be half to two times. Unless, of course, the menus of fast food outlets do not have freshly squeezed juices.