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Business Ideas in the production of popular newspapers

Very often edition of the newspaper shortly after the first issue has for its owner ruin or insolvency. Basically this is due to the fact that the newspaper was not focused on a particular category of consumers, and its owner had no clear idea how to develop and extract a newspaper with her income. Next business idea will tell you the most requested topics, and advice on the correct organization of the newspaper business. scurry three subjects newspaper business, which will bring you guaranteed success with the right approach, even if a competitor in this market. People for many decades, the three themes of interest, we can say three important components of our life with you. This property, work and car. Accommodation sharpest and topical issue: the people go, come, while selling or buying an apartment. Many simply want to rent a house by the month, rent or lease it to the sublease. This business idea is ready to issue newspapers, focusing on the real estate market. Provided, if the newspaper market is represented by the publication of this subject. But even if they are, consider the market, competitors and note errors and perhaps you will find our niche.
Staff turnover in the labor market allows for the business idea of a special issue of the newspaper. Here are typical names of "Work, Employment, From the hands - the hands, etc. In cities with a population of 100-200 thousand people sometimes have two or three such newspapers, but in some cities all but one newspaper published a similar subject, or even none. Here are unoccupied niche newspaper business!
If a person has already been resolved apartment problem is the robot's next step? Naturally, buying a car. People who already have a car, you may be interested in selling the car-purchase a new car. Therefore, another variant of the newspaper business ideas business - a newspaper-oriented automotive market.
Most importantly - the newspaper should only accept free ads in the same format. The main income has come from selling newspapers. Therefore, your newspaper will buy only target consumers who are interested in ads in your newspaper.
Organization of business ideas:
How to start a newspaper business? The most important point - making literacy a detailed business plan. Thus, you can realistically assess the prospects of the newspaper, the cost of maintenance and possible income. To make competent business project, consider following their actions.
Defined with the subject of the newspaper.
Choose a subject from the three above. Create a catchy and memorable name of the newspaper.
Think of the newspaper format and number of lanes.
For starters are advised to print the newspaper in black and white, A3, 4 bands (1 printed sheet size A2). Subsequently, after removing a sufficient profit can increase the number of bands depending on the ads and the amount of interesting material.
Mark the periodicity of the newspaper
To start, enough is enough a newspaper once a week. Subsequently, if the newspaper is well rozkupovuvatymut and turnover will, you can print the newspaper 2 times a week.
Determine the number of buyers of your new newspaper.
The data use statistics. For example, at the labor exchange can determine the number of unemployed citizens who are registered. To supplement these data can obdzvonyty ventures Chiefs of Staff and know the approximate numbers.
When it comes to real estate market, you can see the approximate outflow of citizens for the past six months, obdzvonyty real estate agencies, etc. In any case, the approximate number you get. Thus, you can approach the maximum desired number of copies of the newspaper.
Work with distributors of newspapers.
The newspaper should sell somewhere. This usually makes specialized offices that have a network of kiosks, stalls. Newspapers are sold in post offices, and is a category of private distributors. Usually you get them from newspapers, submit an invoice of circulation caused by price (say 10 rubles), distributors set a price (usually 100% cheat - as newspaper sells for 20 rubles). After the end of the month come and take away the proceeds realized from the newspapers. Nepristroenny Circulation take away an invoice.
Therefore, in advance, before the release of the first phase number, be sure to discuss with newspapers distributors (networks of kiosks, stalls, a post office) that the maximum number of newspapers they can take to sell.
Based on the aforementioned items, decide what the circulation of newspapers.
In the printing has its own peculiarity, the more circulation you order, the lower the price for 1-on paper. But do not pursue a large print run, and at first try to order copies, not to throw out extra newspapers then, therefore, money in the garbage bin.
Calculate the monthly cost of issue of
Marking the circulation of the newspaper and found out the cost per unit, should determine how much cost you issue the newspaper. Note that you need money for the first few circulations
Set the value of newspapers
Think about how much the average person can pay for information that allows him to buy a property, car or get a job? In practice, interested people are willing to pay money for quality informative newspaper. So do not understate the cost, but was not greedy. Please note that the sale of newspapers to provide you income.
Think about how you conduct a set of ads in your newspaper.
There are universal tools - this ad and receive announcements by telephone. Rather, only zayiknutysya somewhere that you do set free ads to you here as a barrage of calls made. Can you give an advertisement in another newspaper. It helps putting ads on bus stops, message boards about the new newspaper and recruitment ads in it. Those who want to find work will not lose anything if you give ad in the newspaper, but the opportunity will go to work.
Collaborate with concerned agencies.
Another advantageous way of recruitment ads in your newspaper - cooperation with interested companies. For example, concerning the labor market. In addition to information on labor exchange, employment centers, employment agencies, concerned by Chief of Staff themselves may provide you with information about available vacancies in the company. Obdzvonit company, please contact the personnel department and that each week they were exiled to you by fax, e-mail updated list of vacancies.
When it comes to real estate newspaper, obdzvonit real estate agencies, they gladly give you their database to sell or buy apartments.
Further reading in the newspaper
You can dilute the ad in the newspaper on interesting material. For example, those looking for work, it helps to know how to create resumes, conduct job interviews, etc. When it applies to sale of car, interested readers to materials on the correct selection of vehicles, documents, preparing her for sale, etc. These materials will add more informative and heat the interest of buyers.
Use subscription
Try to develop a network of subscriptions through post offices. In this case you have any regular subscriber. Subscribers can be again, organizations, centers of employment, recruitment agencies and real estate agencies, etc.
Business ideas business newspaper very economical in terms of business development at an early stage. You'd better work with my companion, but you and another. Office you can substitute own apartment where you and take your ad over the phone. In case you are not in place, fax can do for you, if necessary, you can always call back and specify the details of your offer, proposal, etc. can keep for themselves.
Another problem - a newspaper layout. Believe me, it's not as hard as it seems. Learning machines newspaper, with computer skills can be a couple of weeks. You can use self program Adobe Pagemaker or Adobe InDesign. Here you do not need a particularly slim design, the main thing is as simple and convenient pidnesty necessary information for readers.
Here are the basic nuances of free newspaper ads. So, clearly follow your business plan and you will prosper in implementation of business ideas newspaper business!