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Business idea: open gallery

Sale through the gallery, sometimes a stick with two ends. Clearly, the positive side for the artist can translate the strange shoulder trouble of marketing products and solutions business problems, selects most of the time. However, these services cost quite expensive - have to part with half the revenue from each sale. Moreover, the artist still has to deal with business, of which the latest - check how the gallery fulfills its obligations. Meanwhile, a sense of concern and disappointment with the volume and quality of marketing policy galleries know almost every artist. How many times have you caught yourself thinking that without their mediation handled themselves better? However, well aware that to open a gallery determination and signs on the facade, to say enough. I spoke to many owners of successful galleries, they all have one common feature - a delicate business flair. If you desire to open their own gallery still does not leave, pay due attention to the boards, published in our article.

Are you ready?

Ready to start the business - is not an empty desire. For success must take into account many factors that affect issues such as selling products, funds that you have to 'start to' feel confident, stock and time to young company arose to his feet.

Your paintings have sold well. If they do not have sustainable demand and in your own gallery, they will not be sold better. 'I knew that my stuff is already a success among patrons of galleries in which I exhibited, "- says the artist and gallery owner in Denver, William Matthews. 'But much experience with most galleries I was not. If you make a commission, they assumed the sale of my painting and the cost of materials (including frame), it is clear that in every painting I earned very little. Besides, I had direct control, as exhibited my paintings, opening their own gallery so it seemed quite natural '. Of course, you must be honest in the end the quality of his own works. Frustrated, like Matthews does not receive the expected financial return from their successful sale? Or the local market for your pictures no niche? If you've verified that everything works - still sold poorly, try to take a fresh look at his career. Or maybe better to continue training or take a closer look at personal style. On the other hand, if you like your stuff, but nonetheless, demand not enjoy, start a gallery, unlikely to help the cause. Do you agree to do only for love of art? Looking for serious funding. Do not expect quick enrichment. 'Owners of new enterprise accounts for a time to forget about the salary, to enable the business' rozkrutytysya and stronger' - says entrepreneur Joyce Marder.

Before you start creating your own gallery, you should consider whether sufficient funds exist before launching your business. Try to anticipate spending at least a year (regardless of source of income - the money his wife, savings account at a bank successfully posted papers, etc.) and cover them without draining money from the cashier's gallery. It will invest profits into circulation, standard of living will not be reduced. 'If the personal needs to spend more than it enables business, you' will fly up the chimney, - warns Marder. The range of exhibited works must be wide enough. For some, it is obvious, but if you imagine how many paintings, lithographs and other works of art need to gallery walls did not seem empty and monotonous? Of course, much depends on the exhibition area and the intensity of sales. And since the first months 'promotion' is not enough time with painting should take care that the stock exhibited works was pretty full.

The case being ...

Effective gallery requires significant investment in time, that is not limited hours of operation - Tuesday through Saturday. Your free time is divided between the development of marketing strategy, keeping balance and maintaining a proper procedure for exhibit space - not to mention what is needed occasionally and take a hand in hand.

Consider other questions If you finally decided to open a gallery of your dreams, you should pay attention to some details that can affect business development. Here is the list of the most important ones.

Location One of the most serious issues - whether the gallery easily accessible to buyers, if you open it by chance found at? Rapid movement here or as pedestrians and vehicles? Is the normal conditions for parking? Is there enough space for exhibitions, creating appropriate conditions for storage of work, office and other premises?

Believe it or not, better place than next to the already existing galleries not found. Potential customers are constantly visiting this part of the city and the buyer will look at the new gallery.

Lighting likely to consider additional lighting, which will advantageously exhibit work. Check the location and condition of wiring, make or miss the good natural light available window.

And do not forget about the heating, ventilation and water supply because you are interested in and your customers, and works were cozy and comfortable. If in early September, a cool gray building seemed appropriate, then it is possible that in January it could become a 'glacier'.

Security Big open glass display cases in front of the galleries are a temptation for passers-by pilferers and hooligans. Strong locks and alarm system is quite expensive, but most artists agree that the result is worth money.

Insurance The issue (as well as security issues) only despise the short-sighted or too opinionated. Insurance can mean the difference between the painful (but not fatal!) Loss of dear and beloved paintings and other works and a complete deprivation of their livelihood.

'Insurance replaces a switch loss at low a fee - fee, - writes Bernard Kemorov. Kemorov describes several kinds of insurance which must be addressed, including: fire, debts, vandalism and hooliganism, business interruption, workers compensation, health and property damage (the latter is especially important if you intend to take pictures on the implementation).

Management and Marketing posted pictures and galleries open door - do not guarantee successful operation. You must create a base for the buyer, and this implies the use of modern marketing strategy. Basic skills manager will also be key to successful enterprise development.

Financial issues of business success or failure depends on how skillfully you manage money. Creating capital, cash management, strategy development, reinvestment and control accounts - all it will take much of the day.

Suppose you plan to obtain a bank loan and start their own business, keep in mind that banks often require that you have invested in them a considerable amount of personal savings and only then consider credit. In their view, the more you invest yourself personally, the more you succeed.

Marketing pieces may be an effective marketing - the single most important part of the gallery. 'A good marketing plan will turn indifferent and watchful visitors interested in the gallery, ready to cooperate clients: they want to see what you can offer them, "- writes Susan Abbott (consultant for public relations) and Barbara Webb (Director of Advertising art museums). Agrees with this W. Matthews: 'It is very important advertising,' - he says. 'Not so her number, but quality. I spent a lot of money on development and production of advertising, including full color brochures, flyers, announcements and invitations'.

According to S. Abbott and B. Webb, combining efforts in the areas of advertising and public relations - the best way of achieving the objectives of marketing strategy. 'The more people are familiar with your gallery, exhibited in the artist, the program and you personally, the more they tend to trust you'.

Marketing strategy may include any measures of advertising and coverage in local media to sponsor competitions that attract the attention of artists and buyers.

Here we go!

'The gallery like any retail store, "- says W. Meng -' except that the product we create ourselves'. As the work of W. Meng reveals several clear advantages of their business: it can make both through retail and wholesale through the vantage point addition is able to assess public reaction to the originals before you invest in print in limited edition reproductions.

'It helps to change the high risk in publishing "- he explains. Set your own gallery - a very serious step, which is definitely a positive impact on your career if you want to risk properly and to work. After all, the risk and the daily job - indispensable companion of the artist