суббота, 12 февраля 2011 г.

Business for window dressing

Walking through the evening streets is impossible not to draw attention to the bright, glittering shop windows. They are attracted by its beauty, creating a festive mood, and are literally crying out to passers-purses, crying to go inside and spend as much money there. Any shop begins with the same windows, the main function of which is the transformation of ordinary passers-by visitors, and even better - to buyers. And, I should say window dressing - is not just creativity, but rather interesting, profitable and promising business, the profitability of which is as much one hundred percent. At its core, a showcase is the same ad, but it is designed for a specific target audience. This shop window is able to tell about new products, discounts, sales, shares held. To organize your business with window dressing shops need sum 10 thousand dollars. And the payback period on investment is less than one year.
To start a business should rent a small office. Plenty area is 15-20 square meters. City must acquire the appropriate supplies and must create their own site on the Internet.
A key determinant of business success is the presence of window dressing of good, competent creative designer. And best of all, if this becomes a designer designer "name". However, to get and, more importantly, keep a true professional, just for one project he will have to pay not less than 1,5 thousand dollars. But, even though such a generous salary to find a good specialist is extremely easy. But still possible. In most cases, prefer to engage in window dressing good interior designers - professionals who are savvy in the modern developments and trends in visual merchandising.
Notably, the newcomers have in this market is very hard. Typically, the new design studio opened staff of any existing companies. And if you keep leading designer failed, and he still went to the studio be closed or fling oneself to find a new professional. Much easier, though it seems to keep zatratnishe designer, what often set very high cost.
An ideal solution for business will work in conjunction of the two founders, one of whom will serve as the designer-artist, the second - to attract customers and provide sales. It was in this showcase event will fulfill its primary role - to sell.
All display cases in its execution are divided into commodity and commodity-story plot. The most common type is a commodity, ie, in which the proposed product, which will actually engaged store. In scene showcases mainly focus on any thought-out stage with various elements of decoration, not the same product. And, as a rule, elements of decoration associated with items in the store just in content or any analogies. Commodity story storefront combine the main characteristics of goods and showcases the scene, that is a showcase of products placed in the center of any invented story.
To create a quality window dressing needed:
1.Opytnye designers, having a nice fantasy, taste and sense of proportion while.
2.Umenie cleverly combine colors based on the specific store.
3.Horoshiy light of which depends largely on what impression could make a showcase for potential buyers. It is worth noting that there are different types of lighting, and which of them apply in each case depends on the common features of goods and design ideas. Among the basic types of artificial light can be distinguished: general and accented by multiple objects and parts.
I must say that the main peak of activity in this type of business falls on New Year's. However, the business of window dressing is not seasonal.
On average, developing a competent design project takes about a week. And for a more serious, unique project will need at least three or three and a half weeks.
In this kind of business should not unquestioningly follow the rule "the customer is always right." When it comes to window dressing, we can safely say that the designer knows better. Thus, in this case requires not only creativity, but also individual approach to each order. Another common problem is the desire of customers to make any changes to the project when the production process is already running.
However, it is worth noting that the recent clients are quite advanced and want to eventually get not only beautiful and brightly decorated window, and increase sales.
In addition to the concept not least is to prepare designs, creation and installation of prefabricated parts that need to be given adequate attention and provide high quality work.
Cost of execution may be very different. Its level depends on a huge number of factors. Among them: the showcase, the complexity of making projects, the cost of consumables. For example, the cost of design projects showcases a small store can reach 600-1000 sum in dollars, and seriously big project for a large shop can be expensive at least twice.